Visual Studio VB.NET Sample Code
Dynamic Search of DataGridView or
C1TrueDBGrid Windows Form
Using VB.NET

I have found it very useful to be able to dynamically search through a data grid, find the row I want, capture an ID of some type from that row and then run a process using that Id. I have several applications that open to a C1TrueDBGrid allowing the user to start typing immediately to find a name, click on Enter and get detailed information. On other apps where I use a Tree View as the main look up tool, I will add the grid to a page on a tab control so that the user can search on different headings than the ones being used by the Tree View. I have tried to put as much of the heavy lifting into the dll so that the coding you will need in your app is at a minimum.

This article will provide you with the dll necessary to run the search and sample code for the host application. You will need references to the database you are using and the data grid if it is other than the data grid included with Visual Studio. I was able to buy the C1TrueDBGrid by itself and have felt that it has been worth the money.

Download the complete article as a Word document here: Dynamic Search of a Data Grid.doc

Download the DLL now