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ArcMap Help for Oil & Gas

ArcGIS or ArcMap is a powerful tool for creating and working with oil and gas maps and data. The help linked to below are notes I recorded while first learning ArcMap. They are a series of step by step walkthroughs more or less in order as you would need them to create a new project. They are based upon having an ArcEditor license, working in Township and Range within the United States and if desired working with the DataSheets program that maybe obtained for free from the PE Inc.

The ArcMap Help is available in as an online version or in a Printer Friendly version which is just a Word document. If you have questions you may contact me at:

This same set of notes is available through the Help command within the DataSheets program if you have chosen to use it as well. There is s disclaimer listed below if something in these notes does work quite right on your machine.

Run ArcMap Help for Oil & Gas

These notes are based upon PE Inc.'s industry knowledge; however, the accuracy or correctness of information within cannot and will not be guaranteed. The user agrees that he shall rely upon the information provided herein at his own risk. Further, that neither PE Inc. nor its employees shall be liable or responsible for any loss, cost, damages or expenses whatsoever incurred or sustained by the user resulting from any interpretations made herein.

Datasheets is offered as Freeware. DataSheets Install and use SAVE TARGET AS.