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PEI-MCAT Logo MCAT - A Cataolog Application
The MCAT program is a catalog application for keeping tract of Movies, Books, CDs or Games. Plus it is simple to use and free. The MCAT data grid allows for a variety of sort, search and print options. You can remember what you have, what kind of media it is on, where it is stored and to whom you have loaned it to. Your information is stored on a SQL Server Compact Database File which is a compact relational database developed by Microsoft, also known the SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) format. It contains the complete database contents and can be up to 4GB in size. The file is portable and can accommodate up to 5 concurrent users.
PEI-MCAT Logo Free Installations
The installation package will check for the necessary prerequisites and install them if needed prior to installing the application. Should you have trouble during the installtion then look at the following link Click Once Help for potential solutions.

Remember that some virus protection programs will not allow files of the type .exe to run. You will need to turn that feature off while you run the initial install. After the installation turn the feature back on. Each time an application opens it will check the PEAPPS web site for updates to the program. Most virus protection programs do not interfere with this process.

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PEI-Logo Company Bus
The Company Bus is an ideal management program for keeping track of Companies and their related Employees. Company or Employee lists may be quickly searched to find the names you remember or you can create a Group based on any heading in the database to find those entities you have forgotten. Companies may also be grouped by Types and / or Sub-Types that you create from your own design.

A Synergy list keeps you informed as to who works with whom or to move from city to city within the same Company. If you are selling a product, the simplified Orders feature will help you keep track of the Order, Shipped and Paid dates.

Even though CoBus canít enter the data for you, its design is intuitive and allows you to add records quickly. The Web Site field lets you connect to a companyís web site with a double click while the Copy Address feature places the address you create into the Clipboard for Pasting into almost any document or file.

PEI-FTP Logo FTP Transfers
PEAPPS offers a customized one click utility program for making those repetitive file uploads to a Web Site (FTP). This utility simplifies FTP transfers for those workers in your office who need to make the uploads but really donít like the hassle of running a FTP program.

The Hostname, User Id and Password for the web site are hard coded into the program to keep such items secure and minimize the urge of the inexperienced from tinkering with the site while online. The Target Directory is set by an IT department and then the Source Files may be added, edited and deleted by the user. The list of files is then uploaded with one click while the program is minimized and finally closes when finished.

This utility was designed to work great with PE Inc's ASP Report web form application.

DockMate-Logo DockMate

The DockMate Program is a complete management system for small to medium size marinas. Dock and slip layouts are displayed both visually and in list format and designed by the user. The tracking of Tenants, Boats, Work Orders and Dockage Fees is easy and intuitive. Searches may be conducted on most every data field with a wide variety of available print options.

A great combination of equipment inventory and accounting procedures. Multiple file capability allows for annual accounting if desired. Avaliable as both a stand alone application utilizing an Access database and as a central server application using a MySql database.

The pricing structure for this program has not yet been determined. Companies or individuals interested in Beta testing this product should contact PE Inc. at:

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PEI-Logo ASP Reports

PEAPPS focuses on developing applications for specialized industry needs. ASP Reports is designed for the Oil & gas Industry. It provides for the dissemination of reports over the Internet. Instead of sending numerous emails to a variety of partners, let them visit your web site to get the information they need. Partners will be able to view or download files from a restricted list of documents based upon their individual User Name and Password. Your staff only needs to upload these files once and their work is finished.

As you view the demo, the first page provides for the user login and generates the listing each user is entitled to. The second page (user: admin) shows how your administrator sets the privileges for each table and the related files. PE Inc. will individualize these pages to fit your companyís needs.