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Check Stub Data Exchange (CDEX) provides an alternative to the manual keyboard data entry of Check Stub Revenue Detail items. Now, PDS and PEAPPS have teamed together to provide the next step in utilizing Check Stub Revenue Data. PEAPPS’s RunCheck program will read your PDS-CDEX check stub data directly into its database. Multiple CDEX files with multiple leases for a selected month may be read with the click of a single button. Both CDEX (see Participating Senders List) and Non-CDEX Purchasers and Leases (Wells) may run side by side. See the PDS web site for subscription details.


PDS can facilitate all of your CDEX, CODE and other data exchanges and provide a seamless transition. Founded in 1991, PDS established itself as the sole provider of audited crude oil pricing data to the oil industry. Through custom formatting and data integration, PDS ultimately developed a clientele list that includes over 95% of the Fortune 500 energy companies. With the release of the Owner Relations Management System in 2002, PDS continues to expand its upstream footprint and provide industry savings through efficient data integration and the data hub concept.