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PE Inc. offers Web form program development in ASP & Visual Basic.Net. The .Net Framework, with its intimate compatibility with SQL Server 2000, offers a step forward in Database management. A full range of Web Design is available in .Net, HTML, Java and Java & VB Script.

PE Inc. focuses on developing applications for specialized industry needs. The demonstration linked to below, is designed for the Oil & gas Industry. It provides for the dissemination of reports over the Internet. Instead of sending numerous emails to a variety of partners, let them visit your web site to get the information they need. Partners will be able to view or download files from a restricted list of documents based upon their individual User Name and Password. Your staff only needs to upload these files once and their work is finished.

As you view the demo, the first page provides for the user login and generates the listing each user is entitled to. The second page (user: admin) shows how your administrator sets the privileges for each table and the related files. PE Inc. will individualize these pages to fit your company’s needs.

Report Demo

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